05 September 2013

Tommee tippie baby food blender

After using the blender quite sometimes now, rasa best and sgt excited when it times to prepare foods for hannah. Not that I'm the type who cooks frequently, but the thought that my baby loves eating almost anything, buat aku lagi nk masak makanan utk dia.

Ok, last time, I was on hunting for this type of blender. After 2 months of waiting in 1 local website selling babystuff with no feedback (but she sells this blender wayyyyyy cheaper than those selling in London!), I gave up. I started eyeing on the international market, and found this sell for £19.99 in mothercare London. After converting, I said, okay, I can still afford this but delivery charge is another thing that should be counted. Suddenly, ding! I have a friend working as air hostess... so I rang her, ask whether she can do pick up for this item for me, and she said yes.. so I just do online transaction here in malaysia, and wait for her to deliver the item to my mom's place. Lagi cepat dr delivery uolssss...

So, thats an update from one satisfied mother who uses tommee tippie blender. Heeeehee. Last night I pureed brocolli for my lil girl... oh, the blender is quite loud, but I think thats ok, I still satisfied wih its performance. ; D

update 3/12/2013: saje terjah website malaysia yang jual blender ni.. tengok stok dah available. bleh check web babydot  selling at RM85.90..