27 August 2013

what if i gave up work

holla peeps..

ok.. i'm not going to give up work, yet. cuma terfikir, what if, aku berhenti kerja.. actually, had this mini conversation during luncheon with hubby yesterday, and the case already closed, tapi arini bleh terfikir2 lagi..

as for now, takboleh berhenti lg. byk lg commitment yg aku kene fulfill. not that i earned that much that i must stay working, tp at least, i manage to payback my study loan, i can make housing loan, i can buy myself and the kids things that we wanted before requiring permission from the daddy, we can stay in the government quarters (and pay really low monthly rental and daddy's house can be rented out to yield extra income) and list continues.....

so, i think i'm not going to gave up work yet, not until i finished with my housing loan.. pencen awal? boleh dipertimbangkan... :)

~~ entry ni following post on fb pasal mothers yg kene berenti kerja n jaga anak.. or lebih kurang gitula bunyinya..